You got questions?

Don't worry, at PeekaBot you are not on your own. You are part of a private & staffed community.

Get your doubts solved within minutes by just contacting with our staff. We are here for you 24/7, for real. Now, in order to get the support you deserve, you would have to have any of our paid packages.

Send us a message

We will get back to you ASAP. If you are a VIP or SUPER package user, use the same email you used for the register.

How can you get support?

As soon as you join our community you will be able to get access to several ways of getting in touch with us.

Video courses

We offer a growing number of video courses to help you lean how to use your bot.

User community

PeekaBot has a very active user group, with loads of experienced users willing to discuss. We've all been there at the beggining.

Private support group

You get direct access to some of PeekaBot staff and experienced users. The staffed support community is there for you.

Email, of course

You can use the email support ticket system, you'll get access soon after getting a license.

Full documentation

PeekaBot is fully documented on a public wiki that is always kept up to date. You can find very detailed information about every possible setting.


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