From source

You can download all our releases from our project page at SourceForge.


peekabot can be installed through MacPorts on OS X.

Unfortunately, installing through MacPorts is a bit of a hit and miss as packages are constantly changing and not as well-tested as one would like. Please report any issues on the mailing list.


If you need the newest features and the latest bug fixes (not to mention the latest set of brand new bugs) you can download the most recent version from our version control system.

In addition to the dependencies normally required you also need to have GNU Bazaar, GNU Autoconf (version 2.60 or later), GNU Automake and GNU Libtool installed.

Get a copy of the code and generate the configure script by issuing the following commands:

    $ bzr branch lp:peekabot
    $ cd peekabot
    $ autoreconf -i

Then follow the regular installation instructions.

Documentation for the latest development version isn’t available online, but can be generated locally using Doxygen. Refer to the NEWS file to see changes made since the previous release.