Report bugs

Please use our bug tracker (Launchpad account required) or the mailing list to report bugs.

For feature requests and other feedback, please use the mailing list.

Mailing lists

There are two mailing lists:

The announce-list is for announcements only (new releases). It is moderated and very low traffic.

The devel-list is appropriate for help requests, bug reports, feature requests and discussion about peekabot development. You don’t have to be subscribed to post, although posts from non-subscribers are subject to moderation. If you use peekabot, we also appreciate if you say hello and show us what you use it for, perhaps even contribute a screenshot/video we can use on the website.

To unsubscribe or change your preferences visit this page.



  • Staffan GimÃ¥ker (current maintainer)
  • Anders Boberg


There’s a MediaWiki instance available for sharing peekabot-related information with others. Such information could include workarounds for getting peekabot to build on various distributions etc. A SourceForge account is required to edit the wiki.

Model repository

We maintain a modest model repository of common robots and peripherals in our wiki. Contributions are welcome.